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In detail | Costa Rica

Marbella (Costa Rica): chronicle of a coastal conflict

Arturo Silva Lucas | Alba Sud. The community of Marbella, in the canton of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, is the latest conflict in the coastal areas of Costa Rica. The recent lawsuit of the Costa Rican Federation for the Conservation of the Environment (FECON) before the municipality raises the scale of the conflict.

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Alba Sud News | Costa Rica

Seminar: «Vulnerabilities and post pandemic scenarios of tourism in Costa Rica»

Arturo Silva & Angélica Duarte | Alba Sud. Between August 10 and 14, a virtual seminar was held, organized by the School of Sociology of the University of Costa Rica and Alba Sud, in order to collectively analyze different dimensions of the tourism crisis caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19.

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In detail

Agrotourism: Tourism and the rural world, a possible pairing?

Carla Izcara | Alba Sud. The debate about the transformation of the tourism sector, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, brings together different terms around proximity tourism. Agrotourism is presented as an option to complement farming activities with a touristic offer.

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In detail

Industrial tourism: engine of change?

Núria Abellan | Alba Sud. In the current context of growing interest in proximity tourisms, industrial tourism becomes an opportunity to foster social and economic transformation of territories distant from the touristic centres, as well as recuperating collective memory.

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Report | Cataluña

Beyond a sightseeing tour: social inclusion as the objective

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. The Foundation Bayt al-Thaqafa organises, together with a guide from AGUICAT, touristic routes for immigrant people, often excluded from this kind of activities, to know Barcelona. We accompany them during a visit to the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau.

Responsible Tourism | 04-08-2020 | Read More »

In dedtail | Dominican Rep.

The slummification in Verón-Punta Cana, hidden behind the all-inclusive

Marta Salvador & Giselle Cedeño | Alba Sud. The Verón-Punta Cana Municipal Touristic District is characterized by a dual reality: luxury tourist resorts in front of the urban slummification of the local population, who lives in a vulnerable situation that has been intensified due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Responsible Tourism | 20-07-2020 | Read More »

#TourismPostCOVID19 | Costa Rica

COVID-19 crisis in Costa Rica: an increasingly complex scenario

Arturo Silva Lucas | Alba Sud. The threat of expansion of community contagion looms. Meanwhile the pressure to adopt measures that facilitate trade and economic activity is becoming increasingly stronger, especially in tourism. The social and political climate in Costa Rica is polarized.

Responsible Tourism | 16-07-2020 | Read More »


COVID-19 outbreak on Diamond Princess cruise ship: what lessons could we learn?

Angela Teberga | Alba Sud. The Diamond Princess has been pointed out by academic literature as the only cruise ship in which the origin and evolution of the contagion could be mapped. Due to its importance, we can reconstruct what we know about this experience. 

Responsible Tourism | 12-07-2020 | Read More »

In detail

Gender mainstreaming in tourism university studies

Núria Abellan | Alba Sud. Applying gender perspective in any aspect of society is now more than ever a necessity. Its integration in tourism academia involves reviewing the current production of knowledge and the dynamics created inside and outside the classrooms. 

Responsible Tourism | 05-07-2020 | Read More »


COVID-19 and cruise ships: A drama anounced

Angela Teberga | Alba Sud.

The academic literature has already shown that the concentration of people on cruise ships, the crew and passengers potentiate the transmission of diseases. Covid-19 failed to catch companies by surprise. The risk was well known. 

Responsible Tourism | 29-06-2020 | Read More »

In detail

LGBTIQ community and tourism: between capital and life

Núria Abellan | Alba Sud. In the relationship between the LGBTIQ community and tourism the commodification of these identities has prevailed. This has impacted on how destinations approach the community, often setting aside the difficulties suffered and the differences.

Responsible Tourism | 22-06-2020 | Read More »


A feminist view of the COVID-19 crisis and tourism

Núria Abellan, Carla Izcara, Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Tourism is in the spotlight due to the impacts derived from the pandemic and the future uncertainty. Consequently, it is necessary to apply a gender perspective that studies reality transversally.

Responsible Tourism | 12-06-2020 | Read More »


Tourism, water and gender: summary of a scientific article

Núria Abellan & Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. The trinomial tourism, water and gender has been scientifically explored through a review of literature by Cole, Cañada, Ma and Sandang, which presents the current state of knowledge and the possible lines of investigation of an underexplored nexus. 

Responsible Tourism | 10-06-2020 | Read More »

Report | Nicaragua

Volunteer tourism in Nicaragua: differences between organizational models

Angélica Duarte & Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Volunteer tourism in Nicaragua shows different management and organization models with actions aimed at promoting social projects in the communities. Even so, the arrival of COVID-19 has left a state of uncertainty about the future of this phenomenon.

Responsible Tourism | 02-06-2020 | Read More »


Short-term rentals, Covid-19 and platform capitalism

Agustín Cocola-Gant. In the context of the pandemic, it seems that an opportunity for change is opening in the house market. Despite this, in the current situation the vast majority of tourist apartments will not go back to the residential market. This article deepens in the reasons that could explain this phenomenon.

Responsible Tourism | 25-05-2020 | Read More »


COVID-19 and the prospects for the radical transformation of tourism

Raoul Valerio Bianchi. Despite advances in the argument for a transformation of tourism brought about by the pandemic crisis, there is a need for a more robust, multi-scale policy of intervention to challenge the power of tourism capital.

Responsible Tourism | 22-05-2020 | Read More »

#TourismPostCOVID19 | Costa Rica

Impacts and reactions to the fall in tourism due to COVID-19 in Costa Rica

Arturo Silva Lucas | Alba Sud. Public authorities have been very active in health control and the adoption of protection measures for its population. In addition to preparing the revival of tourism, one of its economic engines. It remains to be seen what changes will occur in the short and medium term and with what intensity.

Responsible Tourism | 02-05-2020 | Read More »

#TourismPostCOVID19 | Panama

Panama, between uncertainty and hope of a future influenced by the coronavirus

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Panama, like the rest of the world, lives in a state of alert due to the pandemic of the COVID-19, which has led the country to take measures to prevent all the possible infections. These measures have also affected tourism, one of the main drivers of the Panamanian economy. 

Responsible Tourism | 27-04-2020 | Read More »


The future of touristic cities after the pandemic

José Mansilla | OACU. More homogeneous cities in the hands of fewer companies, but more powerful and with a strong technological component. This appears to be the dystopic future that awaits us. What needs to be done to reverse this horizon? 

Responsible Tourism | 26-03-2020 | Read More »

Report | Guatemala

The Mayan weavers of Guatemala: the fight against cultural appropriation of their art

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. The Guatemalan weavers are protagonists of a movement for the revindication of their culture, heritage and art. Women fight against cultural appropriation of their ancestral textiles, representatives of their past, present and future history. 

Responsible Tourism | 15-03-2020 | Read More »


Feminism and tourism: discovering the stories of 7 great women

On the 8th of March 2020 we pay tribute to seven women who represent the feminist fight in the tourism field. From their area, social context and geographic place, our protagonists fight and claim feminism every day. An article by Núria Abellan, Carla Izcara, Alejandra López, Angélica Picado, Marta Salvador, Érica Schenkel and Angela Teberga.

Responsible Tourism | 04-03-2020 | Read More »

Opinion | Spain

Business strategies that make tourism employment precarious

Ernest Cañada | Alba Sud. How do companies behave to reduce their labour costs? We know the dynamics of precariousness well, therefore in this article, some of the main mechanisms used in the tourist industry are identified. 

Responsible Tourism | 23-02-2020 | Read More »

Report | Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Nosara, a particular destination

Arturo Silva Lucas | Alba Sud. Residential tourism in Guanacaste has been overwhelming and has led to a long history of conflicts. However, there are some nuanced and not for that less contradictory local processes, more open to the discuss their development strategy. Nosara is one of these cases.

Responsible Tourism | 14-02-2020 | Read More »


Necrotourism or cemetery tourism, visiting death and tragedy

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. The concept of dark tourism encompasses a contemporary phenomenon, which has lately generated a great interest in the media and the academy due to the fact that it is a new typology of tourism that has also propitiated ethical debates.

Responsible Tourism | 10-02-2020 | Read More »

| Europe

The new guides of European cities: the touristic narrative of homeless people

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Tourism is present in very different contexts around the world and, being towed by the post fordism dynamics and the turning of poverty into a tourist attraction, it even reaches the homeless people. At the same time, the ethic questioning of these tourist offers is intensifying.

Responsible Tourism | 22-12-2019 | Read More »

Report | Panama

Capital interests threaten the National Park of Coiba

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Even being one of the richest natural parks in terms of biodiversity at a global level, the preservation of the National Park of Coiba, Panama, has been threatened in recent years. This is due to the determination of the Panamanian government to promote tourism on the island.

Responsible Tourism | 06-12-2019 | Read More »

Report | Panama

Red Frog Beach, between territorial dispossession and local empowerment

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. The tourist complex Red Frog Beach projected in the Island of Bastimentos, in Panama, is an example of the local communities' mobilization to face the property speculation threat and the use of natural resources linked to tourism.

Responsible Tourism | 03-11-2019 | Read More »


Tourism and climate change in the Mediterranean region

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Climate change can lead to profound changes in the tourism industry in the Mediterranean and in the very societies in which it develops. In turn, air transport is one of the main responsible for global warming.

Responsible Tourism | 20-10-2019 | Read More »

Report | Costa Rica

Pavones: the most widespread secret in Costa Rica

Arturo Silva Lucas | Alba Sud. Jeremy Evans' book, "The Battle for Paradise" (2015), reconstructs the fascinating story of a coastal community in which surfing ended up playing a leading role in how this destination is defined. But what balance can be made of what this activity has brought to the community?

Responsible Tourism | 12-10-2019 | Read More »

Which are the impacts of volunteer tourism?

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Apart from being an increasingly popular and interest phenomenon, volunteer tourism or voluntourism generates debates around it, such as which are the impacts that it has on volunteers and local communities.

Responsible Tourism | 05-10-2019 | Read More »

The Transforming Tourism Initiative and SDG 8

Frans de Man | Retour Fountation - Alba Sud. Document with a strategy proposal for the international incidence of the 8th Sustainable Development Goal, developed by the NGO platform Transforming Tourism, from the agreements reached in the Berlin Meeting the past March 5th, 2019.

Responsible Tourism | 20-09-2019 | Read More »


Volunteer tourists, which are their motivations?

Marta Salvador | Alba Sud. Volunteer tourism or voluntourism phenomenon is living a moment of high popularity, not only due to the increased number of tourists and organizations, but also because of the media impact during the last years.

Responsible Tourism | 21-08-2019 | Read More »

Audiovisual series

Audiovisual Series: Community management of forest areas

Ernest Cañada | Alba Sud. We present four new audiovisual reports produced by Alba Sud for PRISMA Foundation and  the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB) in Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama on communities’ and indigenous peoples’ experiences in the use and conservation of forest resources.

Natural Resources | 20-02-2015 | Read More »

Campaign Information

UITA will launch a global campaign on the working conditions of hotel housekeepers

Norberto Latorre | Rel-UITA.

Unions launch an international campaign aimed at different multinational enterprises and companies to improve the regulation of labor in this sector.

Responsible Tourism | 09-04-2014 | Read More »

Opinion | Cataluña

Rural Community-Based Tourism in Latin America Seeks Alliances in Catalonia

Ernest Cañada & Mariona Ortiz | Alba Sud. During October 20-29, 2013, a meeting sponsored by Alba Sud took place in Catalonia, bringing together representatives from eight community-based tour-operators from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Responsible Tourism | 11-11-2013 | Read More »

Alba Sud News

Catalonia: Rural Community-Based Tourism Encounter

Representatives from 8 community-based tourism operators in Latin America will visit Catalonia during the month of October 2013 for an encounter organized by Alba Sud, in collaboration with CETT-UB, Èxode Viatges, Tosca, the City Council of Sant Cugat and the support of the Barcelona Diputació.

Responsible Tourism | 08-10-2013 | Read More »

Opinion | Cataluña

Catalonia: truths and lies about the ‘Ripoll’ licence for hydrocarbon extraction

Llorenç Planagumà | Alba Sud / CST. The company Teredo Oil wants to salvage its hydrocarbon research and exploitation licences. But, scientists say that there are no geological ‘reservoirs in the subsoil that could act as oil deposits.

Natural Resources | 13-06-2013 | Read More »


Riudaura: capital of the fight against fracking

Llorenç Planagumà | CST / Alba Sud. In October 2012 the Catalan government granted a licence for oil and gas prospection to a multinational company who planned to carry out tests near the village of Riudaura (Catalonia). The outcry and popular pressure obliged the government to withdraw the licence on 15 March.

Natural Resources | 25-03-2013 | Read More »

Alba Sud News

Seattle + 10? One climate, one people

Joan Buades | Alba Sud. Fourth in the series COUNTDOWN TO COPENHAGEN analyzing the latest maneuvers leading up to the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change that reveal just how much is at stake. A call to civil disobedience in defense of global climate justice.

Natural Resources | 29-11-2009 | Read More »

Alba Sud News

Climate Auction: a mirage of charity checks

Joan Buades | Alba Sud. In his third article in the series COUNTDOWN TO COPENHAGEN, brings to light how attention is being diverting from the need for a regulatory agreement on climate change at the upcoming Copenhagen Summit with talk about the cost of funding it.

Responsible Tourism | 05-11-2009 | Read More »

Alba Sud News

Protecting the (Business) Climate: ditch the poor global South, forget Montrea

Joan Buades | Alba Sud. This is the second article in the series COUNTDOWN TO COPENHAGEN on the debate leading up to the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen, 7-18 December 2009.

Natural Resources | 26-09-2009 | Read More »

Alba Sud News

The OurMedia Network Conference 2009

Yerina Rock. The OurMedia Network’s 8th conference was held this year in Medellin, Colombia, between the 27th and 31st of July. The event explored the role of communications in the construction of individual and collective narratives of conflict and coexistence.

Communication for Development | 24-08-2009 | Read More »

Alba Sud News

Gordon Brown: A Nordic makeover, then back to frying the planet

Joan Buades | Alba Sud. Copenhaguen will be the venue of the next United Nations Summit for Climate Change, where it is expected to reach a new agreement to substitute the Kyoto Protocol. With this section, Alba Sud begins a series of articles named COUNTDOWN TO COPENHAGUEN, through which this process will be followed. 

Natural Resources | 23-08-2009 | Read More »

Opinion | Central America

The economic viability of community-based tourism

Ernest Cañada | Alba Sud. In the debate framework on the economic viability of community based-tourism some critical issues are identified, such as diversification versus specialisation, the limits of the markets, the will or its lack of affirming autonomy, or the ongoing dispossession processes. 

Responsible Tourism | 17-08-2009 | Read More »

Opinion | Central America

Contributions of community-based tourism to rural development

Ernest Cañada | Alba Sud. Characterisation of the main contributions of community-based tourism in Central America in those initiatives where it has been successfully developed.   

Responsible Tourism | 07-08-2009 | Read More »

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